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  • Free Services Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    FREE Services
    The use of sun loungers, tubes, life jackets and umbrellas is included in the entrance price*.

  • Dressing rooms and Showers  Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    Dressing rooms & Showers
    We have dressing rooms and showers 
    free of charge.

  • Free WiFi Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    FREE WiFi
    Free wireless internet connection in the whole park.

  • Parking places Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    Parking places
    We have parking places available for a price of 7€ (subject to unanticipated changes). Limited number of places.

  • Lockers Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    Lockers can be rented, please check the availability**.

  • Towels Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    Towels can be rented, please check the availability**.

  • Fast Pass Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    Fast Pass
    Priority access to the attractions for only 28 € more. Not available for the Tower of Power, Mai Thai River and Saifa. Limited sale at the Siam Park entrance cashiers.

  • Shops Icon Siam Park Tenerife

    Located on the Floating Market where you can buy snacks, sweets, sun protection or souvenirs as a memory for when you are home.

Points of Information

All attractions have information signs with the corresponding safety measures. The maximum weight to use Jungle Snakes and the Giant is 110kg in single floats and 180kg distributed weight in double floats. In the other attractions, the maximum individual weight is 130kg depending on the number of people using the attraction on a float.

* According to availability
** Small locker 7€ | Big locker 10€ |
Towel 5€ (+ 10€ of deposit)
Wetsuit 5€ (+20€ of deposit)